1) I just made a test event with a single ticket.
2) I went to the event page in incognito mode.
3) I selected the free ticket for the event and checked out.
4) I created a new account for Balloon.
5) I was then presented with the login form - I think you should be logged in automatically at that point.
6) So, I logged in for the first time.
7) Landed on the profile tab - I think you should land on the events tab.
8) There were no events in my events tab - even though I checked out with the ticket (?)
9) I then had to go back to the events page to select the ticket and checkout again.
10) Land on the events tab in my profile (shouldn't we then be redirected into the event?) - click on the event inside the events tab and now finally I am inside the event.
11) Bonus - I received the email to verify my email. Clicked on that and verified - but I opened it in my normal chrome tab where I was logged in with my main account. The incognito mode browser then logged-in/swapped to my main account somehow? Not sure how that's linked up.